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‘Design’ – a national workshop on creating effective MCQs

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Workshops Conducted

Sl noName of the workshopDatesParticipantsCollege/UniversityNo. of participants
1Faculty Development Program15th-16th June, 2011FacultyMCOPS60
2PG Orientation Programme21st June, 2011Dental PostgraduatesMCODS31
3Workshop on Communication Skills29th-30th July, 2011Physical Education and Marena StaffPhysical Education Department, MU30
4Team Building Workshop24th September, 2011Nursing FacultyMCON33
5Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness workshop26th-30th September, 2011Health Sciences FacultyMU35
6Chairing a department- workshop7th October and 8th November, 2011Directors, Deputy Directors and Heads of DepartmentsMIT26
7PBL workshop1st and 3rd October, 2011Faculty from Health sciences and EngineeringMU91
8Palliative Care workshop6th October, 2011Health Sciences Faculty and StudentsMU30
9Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness workshop10th to 14th October, 2011Health Sciences FacultyMU25
10PG Orientation Programme3rd to 6th November, 2011PostgraduatesBiochemistry32
11Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness workshop9th & 10th November, 2011Dental FacultyMCODS, Mangalore35
12National Workshop on Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness14th, 15th & 16th November, 2011Faculty from Optometry Institutes across IndiaOptometry National workshop25
13Pedagogic and Personal Effectiveness workshop28th, 29th & 30th November, 2011Dental FacultyGitam Dental College & Hospital, Visakhapatnam35
14National workshop on Problem Based Learning18th December, 2011Delegates of IPS National ConferenceIndian Pharmacological Society50
15Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness workshop4th, 5th & 6th January, 2012FacultyMCIS22
16e-learning workshop by Dr Sanjay Bedi10th January, 2012Health Sciences FacultyMU36
17Teacher as leader-Academic Leadership workshop17th January, 2012Faculty from constituent collegesMU43
18Teacher as leader-Academic Leadership workshop19th January, 2012Faculty from constituent collegesMU37
19Teacher as leader-Academic Leadership workshop20th January, 2012Faculty from constituent collegesMU38
20Theatre workshop on Medical Humanities (Theatre of the Oppressed)27th, 28th & 29th January, 2012MBBS StudentsKMC32
21Professional & Personal Effectiveness workshop17th & 18th February, 2012Non-Teaching StaffMU37
22Professional & Personal Effectiveness workshop24th & 25th February, 2012Non-Teaching StaffMU37
23Professional & Personal Effectiveness workshop2nd & 3rd March, 2012Non-Teaching StaffMU35
24Professional & Personal Effectiveness workshop16th & 17th March, 2012Non-Teaching StaffMU35

25Teacher as leader-Academic Leadership workshop22nd March, 2012Faculty from constituent collegesMU34
26Professional & Personal Effectiveness workshop23rd & 24th March, 2012Non-Teaching StaffMU37
27Professional & Personal Effectiveness workshop30th & 31st March, 2012Non-Teaching StaffMU34
28Professional & Personal Effectiveness workshop12th & 13th April, 2012Junior ExecutivesMU36
29Professional & Personal Effectiveness workshop19th & 20th April, 2012Junior ExecutivesMU44
30Frame It-Workshop on Designing Instructional Objectives22nd June 2012Faculty membersMU36
31Frame It-Workshop on Designing Instructional Objectives23rd June 2012Faculty membersMU35
32Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness workshop10th to 14th July, 2012Faculty membersMU32
33Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness workshop24th to 28th July, 2012Faculty membersMU40
34INKtalk programme24th August, 2012Faculty members and StudentsMU450
35“Search” - a workshop on information literacy27th August, 2012Faculty membersMU30
36“Search” - a workshop on information literacy28th August, 2012Faculty membersMU41
37National workshop on Assessment7th & 8th September, 2012Ind. Assoc. of Palliative Care Bangalore--
38National Workshop on Pedagogic and personal effectiveness21st to 23rd September, 2012Members of Indian Society of PeriodontologySouth India31
39PG orientation programme 5th & 6th October, 2012Postgraduates of MCODSMCODS , Manipal33
40Harmony: Body-Mind Balancing27th to 30th October, 2012Faculty membersMU45
41Theatre workshop - Teacher as Communicator15th, 16th & 17th November, 2012Faculty membersMU111 (41+38+32)
42Team Building Workshop4th December, 2012 (half day)Marena staff membersMU16
43Pedagogic and Personal effectiveness workshop7th & 8th December, 2012Palliative care faculty from IAPErnakulam55
44“PBL” Guest lecture by Dr. N De Jong, Maastricht University, Netherlands19th December, 2012MU facultyMU30
45Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness workshop20th to 22nd December, 2012Health Science Teachers, KLE University, BelgaumBelgaum40
46Guest lecture on “Technology aided learning” by Dr. Dr. Veerabadra Gowda St. Mathews, West Indies1st January, 2013MU facultyMU40
47Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness workshop4th, 5th and 7th January, 2013MSAP facultyMU32
48National Workshop on Assessment in Higher Education10th to 12th January, 2013Health Professions educatorsMU55
49Theatre workshop “Teachers as Communicator”24th January, 2013MU faculty MangaloreMU55
50Theatre workshop “Teachers as Communicator”25th January, 2013MU facultyManipal MU21
51Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness Workshop21st to 26th February, 2013MU facultyMU43
52Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness Workshop22nd & 23rd March, 2013Faculty of AJ Shetty Dental College, MangaloreMangalore48
53Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness Workshop10th & 11th April, 2013Faculty of MES Dental College PerinthalmannaPerinthalmanna45
54Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness Workshop19th to 21st April, 2013Members of the Indian Society of PeriodontologyMumbai60
55National Workshop on Assessment in Higher Education17th & 18th May, 2013MU facultyMU28
56Ethical Issues in Biomedical Research29th & 30th May, 2013MU FacultyMU51
57Teacher Training Programme12th & 13th June, 2013Canara College, MangaloreMangalore60
58VIPASSANA workshop15th June 2013MU FacultyMU53
59Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness Workshop21st to 23rd June, 2013Members of the Indian Society of PeriodontologyKottayam35
60Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness Workshop2nd to 4th July 2013Dubai CampusMU60
61Workshop Curriculum Design9th July, 2013MU facultyMU63
62Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness Workshop15th to 19th July, 2013MU facultyMU37
63Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness Workshop22nd to 26th July, 2013MU facultyMU37
64PBL workshop26th July, 2013Nursing facultyMU30
65VSO workshop24th August, 2013VSO membersMU25
66Research Methodology29th August, 2013Interns of Dental CollegeMCODS60
67Assessment workshop17th September, 2013Dental CollegeMCODS35
68Pedagogic & Personal Effectiveness Workshop7th & 8th October, 2013SVS Institute of Dental Sciences, MahabubnagarHyderabad50
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